client tesitmonials

I became way more clear on my vision for the work, trusted my voice, and intentional with my impact. This made me a way more effective and efficient leader of my department very quickly and led the organization through several stages of change including curriculum adoption and creation of a leader coaching model. The perception of the team/department i led transformed and became the highest perceived team in our network. In just the short span of 2-3 years during/ after my work with Shawna I was promoted twice from Director or Math to Deputy Chief Academic Officer of STEM to Regional Schools Officer (which is a regional superintendent role)

"I learned more concretely what I valued as a manager and the type of senior leader I wanted to be. "

- ashley
Regional Schools Officer 

She doesn't hold up the mirror, she gets in the boat with you. There was never a moment that I didn't believe we weren't on the same team or in the same family. She deeply cares. My favorite moments were when Shawna would come to a session and say "I was thinking about you on X day" or "I was reading this and thought of you" - they were my favorite because they spoke to her investment in me and my vision. "

"Shawna saw me. And she didn't just see me, she helped me to see myself - my power, my genius, my wounds, my joy. 

- Gabrielle
Chief Executive Officer and Founder 

Shawna's work with me provided me a wider range of leadership skills, which enabled me to develop leaders on our campus faster. Her tangential impact on our school was significant because of her working directly with me.

"Shawna was skillful in her ability to help me discover the right answers without providing them for me."

- adam
Executive Director

Shawna coached me on how to make critical decisions for my school site that fundamentally shifted the trajectory of our school--these included getting crystal clear on my vision, setting goals, and alignment of personnel."

"Shawna is an extraordinary listener who is extremely skilled at providing the perfect balance of cognitive coaching with concrete tools that can be immediately used. 

- Ramona
Head of Schools

There were two moments of working with Shawna. One as a school leader, and the other during a deep crisis in my life. Working with her during this deep crisis provided me with greater insight into who I am. She reminded me of a part of myself that I had begun to forget. Shawna reminded me of my purpose, and my brilliance, and encouraged me to lean into it.  

"Working with Shawna re-grounded me in my purpose, which has ultimately set me on a path that began a deep nurturing for my being.  

- Sundiata
Chief Executive Officer 

“And if you don’t know, now you know”

- Biggie