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This introspective experience can guide you to articulate your legacy. You’ll use probing questions to explore yourself and your purpose through the lens of seven generations. This exercise is informed by the African tradition of Sankofa and the Haudenosaunee tradition of Seven Generation thinking. In this experience, you’ll step-back three generations, reflect on the present generation, and step-forward three generations. You’ll emerge with new insights, reflections, and knowings to inform your legacy. If in-depth coaching isn’t for you right now, you can still get started reflecting on how you build your legacy with intention and agency through using this self-guided system.

Self - Guided Legacy Experience

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Our next series: April 20-May 11, 2023


Optional: Office Hours with 1:1 Feedback on your Leadership Team Retreat Design

  • April 20, 2023 from 10:30-12 PT/2:30-4 ET
  • May 4, 2023 from 10:30-12 PT/2:30-4 ET
  • May 11, 2023 from 10:30-12 PT/2:30-4 ET

Independent reflections & activities to spark joy and create ease in your design process  

Group workshop experience where you can learn from the wisdom of other leaders as you work alongside one another to plan your Leadership Retreats 

three 90-minute workshops

If you’re interested in finding great joy and ease in designing your Leadership Retreat, this workshop series is for you. This experience is designed for leaders who are looking to design intentional, legacy-aligned leadership retreats that support their team to work together toward greater impact and sustainability. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have completed the design of your Leadership Retreat.

Leadership Team Retreat Design Workshop

package includes:

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Based on Inquiry


Post-session: Final Recommendations Summary Report and 60 min debrief call

  • Tools that are immediately applicable to the role of manager
  • Practice applying the beliefs and practices of managing

In-person team training experience: 1.5 days of in-person training  

Pre-sessions: two 60-minute planning calls

Are you seeking clarity around a shared definition of “what is managing?” in your organization? Are you looking for your managers to develop in their mindsets and skills in alignment with this definition of managing? This training experience is designed for teams and organizations who are seeking to invest in the relationship between managers and those they manage toward sustained organizational outcomes.

Workshop: The Sensing, Doing, and Being of Managing

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6 -12 months

Package Length:

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  • Biweekly 1:1 calls with coaching outcomes 
  • Customized exercises and support 
  • Up to 2 hours of in-between support 

Initial coaching packages include the following:  

Every three months, we review our coaching capacity to determine if we have space for any new clients 

Get the 1:1 support you need to move from intention to action 

Are you living your legacy? In your daily routine, your calendar, your relationships with teammates and community - are you living the legacy you imagine for yourself, for your roles, for your organization? No really, for yourself? If you paused, 1:1 legacy coaching may be for you. We start together by envisioning and defining the legacy you want to live and leave as a human, a leader and through your organization. Then, we address the possibilities as they arise and work to develop legacy-aligned actions to help align the day to day to the legacy you imagine.

1:1 Legacy Coaching

6-18 months, customized based on needs 

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Package Length:

Leadership Team Audit 
Leadership Team Vision and Blueprint
Culture Implementation Plans 
Meeting Design 
Leadership Team Retreat- Content Co-Design 

topics include:

This experience is built for leaders who have already participated in a Build Your Leadership Legacy cohort and are ready to invite their leadership teams into collaborative legacy building.

How would you change the way you share time with your leadership team in order to intentionally build the legacy of the organization together? Work together to shift away from focusing on the day-to-day and start focusing on the biggest and most persistent opportunities and challenges facing you and your organization. Get support to shift away from transactional relationships, agendas, and interactions into the transformative power of a body of people building enduring legacies that are aligned to the values of your organization. 

Leadership Team Legacy Design Sessions

- Lauryn Hill

"Everything is Everything"