I help leaders name and claim the legacies they aim to leave on the world. I have spent years providing support, structure, and space for leaders to uncover their power and interrogate their choices as they move to accept and fulfill their legacy. 

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Okay, so I just got off a phone call with a client. He asked me, do you have a list of all the places culture gets built. I paused, looked him in the eye and said, “Culture is everywhere.”  He smiled, “So there’s no list I can look at.”   I smiled, “There’s no list my […]

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Places where culture gets built

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Most of us are taught: “If you can’t say anything nice… don’t say anything at all.” This phrase was made popular by Thumper, the tiny rabbit in Bambi. Who knew this cotton-tailed cartoon character would have such an impact on so many people and institutions?!  When I work with Executive Leaders, they often tell me […]


A Culture of Nice vs. A Culture of Kind

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My daughter is four years old, and she asks a lot of questions, on repeat, every.single.day.   Sometimes she asks question that really gets to the heart of the matter—questions like, What  are you doing? What makes you get up? What’s liberation mean?  When she asks me questions, I often feel like she’s putting me on […]

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One Powerful Question

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During one of my VIP sessions, I asked a remarkable executive leader, “What’s your legacy?”   Her response was… silence. I waited for five minutes (that’s a long time to sit in silence) before repeating the question. She looked at me, cleared her throat, and said,”…not sure how to answer that, I got nothing.”  This woman […]


Living Your Legacy

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